VM Backups are running even VM was in Powered Off State

  • 10 April 2024
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Hi All,


We have many clients that are backing up even in powered off state. As per my knowledge, snapshot should be placed in the datastore and creation of snapshot consider the ESXi host rather than VM (please correct me if I'm wrong).

To avoid such scenarios, I found that we have prepared and post process scripts which can be made outside of commvault.

Can someone help me on below questions

Where I can find these scripts?

How these scripts works?

Do I need to place these scripts in every VSA?


Thanks in advance!!

8 replies

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Virtual Machines that have been explicitly added will not be filtered.

You may be able to define Virtual Machines based on their name, and have filters apply.

The Preview button should confirm / deny. 



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Yes, we have explicitly add the VMs in the Subclient content

Does this rule not applicable for predefined content?

If not, how can I exclude it from backups? Do I need to remove them manually?

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Do you have the Virtual Machines explicitly defined as Subclient Content, or are you using Auto-Discovery Rules?

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 Hi @GnanaPrakasam , @Erase4ndReuseMedia and All,


I have configured a rule for Power state as Powered Off at vCenter Backup Set and Subclient. Even after creating the rule, powered off VM’s still getting backedup, any Idea, How it is backing up even with a rule?


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Thanks @Erase4ndReuseMedia 

I’m able to create the rule at Subclient level of the VCenter

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If you’re using the far superior CommCell Console, Virtual Machines can be filtered based on Power State at the VMware Client’s BackupSet and Subclient level.

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Thanks @GnanaPrakasam 


I have tried as stated in the above documentation, but there is no option having Power State or On/Off while creating Client Computer Groups.

The above documentation is for 11.32, but we are in 11.28

I have gone through the documentation for 11.28 but can't find any, is this option was present in 11.28? else what is the alternate option for this

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Hi @backup ,


In order to filter the VM which is powered off to skip backup, we can configure Rules in the VM Group content so that only the VM which is powered on will get backed up.

Please refer to the documentation below: