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  • 17 March 2021
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Just like a ‘Plan’ can be created as a base plan and additional plans ‘derived’ from the base plan….

Does/ will  such a concept exist for VM Groups


The idea of

  1. Having a ‘base’ VM Group
  2. creating multiple derivative VM groups, with partial optional overrides  
  3. then having the derivative VM groups ‘update’ when the base group is updated

This would be incredibly useful

PS: There are mechanisms to come up with a ‘coded’ solution to this (and there is a subclient cloning process), but having a solution within the Admin Center would be ideal









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7 replies

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That’s a cool idea!  I’ll pass this up the chain and see if there’s anything in the works.

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@YYZ , would you mind sharing the use case with a bit more context?  What types of changes would you propagating down?

If you could describe the exact issue we hope to solve and how you’d propose we accomplish this, that will help!

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Hi Mike

4 vCenters






Single CommServe

VMs are backed up entirely on a rules based regime

Different VM Groups for the one vCenter have different ‘requirements’

There would be 20 VM groups per vcenter

The same VM’s (roughly) live in each vcenter






and we can have (roughly)  the same backup across the 4 vcenters

a VMgroup (might) have a  rule


and this will pick up the ‘that’ VM across all 4 environments


We dont have to go and create unique ‘subclients’ for all 4 vcenters

AND better yet; changes to the ‘VM Group’ plan at the base level can ‘ripple’ through the derived


eg if Dev change the name of the VM to VM-Systems99-Dev, and then roll that VM out into Production, we only have to make the change to the ‘Base’ group, rather than having to edit filters across all our VMgroups (aka subclients)






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This makes good sense now.  I’ll look into this to see if a) we have something that solves it (non-coded as you said) and b) if I can get a CMR submitted.

I’ll be in touch!

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FYI, I created CMR 313217 for this issue.

As usual, no ETA on inclusion though I wanted to be sure you had it for your records.

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Thanks for carrying forward and feeding back.


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Anything for a Rush fan!