VM's remain after vCenter deleted

  • 16 May 2024
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New vCentre added and unfortunately the account used to add into Commvault had visibility and admin rights over the entire inventory and not a specific folder as required. When a “Refresh datacentres, discover VM’s” action was performed every single VM appeared in the VM list. A subsequent modification adjusted the permissions on the account to limit it to the required folders and a repeat of the process did not reduce the VM count.

I have now retired and deleted the vCentre object and the VM’s remain :-( Is there a scheduled clean up process to resolve this issue?  There was a single test VM group with a single VM and that was deleted before retiring the vcentre. 

I was hoping removing the vCentre and re-adding it would resolve the plethora of VM’s we do not want in the inventory.


2 replies

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Thank you, yes I found that link. I can’t however look at the console for 30 days with an extra 1000 VM’s in it 🤣 I deleted them ….. manually! 4 hours of wasted time and I suspect a workflow could have been created if I had half an idea. The vCentre permissions were added and only the 70 VM’s I wanted appeared this time. 

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I believe you can use the “Delete deconfigured clients that have no protected data” Media Management setting to automatically delete the clients after 30 days.

It’s worth considering the wider implications, though.