VSA and large VMs

  • 20 December 2023
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Hi All,

I have a VM that is >2TB and we have observed both flakiness and slow performance completing backups, and in particular, restores.

I have in the back of my mind the notion that CV recommends very big VMs be covered with FS agent (or intellisnap) rather than VSA but cannot find the relevant reference.

The VSA best practice ref. does not cover this situation.  Can anyone help refresh my memory?


3 replies

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I think you should raise a support case for us to confirm where the source or slowness is coming from. That way we can officially advise on best course of action (rather than just jumping the gun to introduce intellisnap or similar into the equation..).

Let me know your thoughts.



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Thanks Chris but I asked specifically about best practices / recommendations for very large VMs.  I do think there is some documented position on this.  That is what I am looking for


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Hi @steve12345 ,

It is documented here with suggestion to use in-guest agent to protect large VMs
Protection Methods (

In-Guest Agents

In some cases, high transaction virtual machines can be protected by installing an application or file system agent in the guest (source VM). This approach is useful when storage is presented directly to a virtual machine including RDMs, direct iSCSI, or NFS, or when the VM has a large database or large number of files. This can also be used to address VMs that do not tolerate a VMware snapshot no matter how brief the duration.