VSA Transport Mode on VMware over Nutanix Virtualization Environment

  • 24 June 2021
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Hi everyone.

We are facing a Commvault Backup implementation of a VMware Environment over Nutanix Cluster. 

Our initial idea is to perform NAS Transport Mode or HotAdd mode so as to avoid NBD and get more backup performance.

On Commvault side we see that it’s fully soported (we treat this kind of Backup as it was a regular VMware deployment at Commvault level).

The thing is that we have found on a Nutanix Document (attached) that it’s a Best Practice to implement NBD backups once protecting VMware VMs with Streaming mode, as you can see in the capture below:


We suppose “that performance issues” refer to too much I/O on Distrubuted DataStore of NTX environment. We have checkd on other environments that HotADD mode works and “apparently” no impact has been seen.

Does anyone has faced a similar scenario? and in that case, was NBD implemented?


Regards and thanks for your help!


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Hi @gfc , 


Commvault recommends using network block device (NBD) as the transport mode rather than Hot-Add or San mode. This ensures optimal performance and reliability when using the Nutanix platform. This method will also allow for the greatest ease in scaling the system as the Nutanix cluster grows. While Hot-Add mode is possible, NBD has proven to be a better choice in most Nutanix environments.


We also recommend when possible with ESXi, configure the management network interfaces to use the 10 Gbps or faster NICs if available. 


Kind regards,


Suzanny Lloyd

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Thanks Suzzany for the clear response.


Have a nice day.

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are there any new best practices? 


I have a customer how is using VMware on Nutanix. At the moment the backup is made by Veeam with NFS-direct access.

Can I use NAS Mode in Commvault in this case?


Kind Regards



Hello @flokaiser,


This is one of those “It Depends” questions, as it depends on how your infrastructure is set up, but in general “Auto” does a great job of selecting the best transport mode for your situation – but you can manually change it if needed. 

We have a video that covers the topic of transport modes in detail.

You can also find more detailed information on SAN, HotAdd, NAS and NBD/NBDSSL transport modes on our documentation site. 

Hope this answers your question. Have a nice day!



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The Infrastructure is an HCI Nutanix Cluster with VMware as the installed Hypervisor. I want to use Direct NFS like in this case here Direct NFS Mode: Nutanix Recommendation.