Can we get an option to edit our Forum thread title?

  • 9 April 2021
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Reason: It pains me to see this : 



Best answer by Stuart Painter 9 April 2021, 07:27

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3 replies

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Hi @Anthony.Hodges 

It took me a while to work this one out :wink: it looks like the title has already been edited and the link above also shows the new title, confusing me for a good few minutes :grinning: .

Moderators have the capability to edit thread titles, so if you need any changes made, I guess we need a way to reach out to a moderator for those requests or make those minor changes.





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@Anthony.Hodges , I’ll see if there is a way to allow title editing (perhaps for a certain time frame like we have with content) though as @Stuart Painter said, you can message any mod (or just add a reply to the post itself) and we can fix.

If you haven’t noticed, I often go and fix/edit things, add tags, etc. to help the next person find the awesome posts and conversations already :rofl:

Edit: confirmed this is a requested feature with the vendor, but not possible now.  If you see anything you want to fix, you can let Stuart or I know, or reply on the topic.  We’re watching everything quite closely and feel the same way as you do about accuracy and how it relates to helpfulness!


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Thanks @Stuart Painter . Clearly some has intervened on my behalf. 🤪