delete backups and remove from schedules a NAS NDMP client backup

  • 13 January 2022
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I want to delete backups and remove from schedules a NAS NDMP client backup

What is the better way to do that ?

Thanks !


View backup job history on subclient

content of the subclient


Thanks !


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Hi @Bloopa 

Deleting jobs or backups isn’t something we would typically recommend!

Usually the best way is to configure appropriate retention settings according to business needs and allow the jobs to age as expected.

Removing a client from schedules is different, there’s a few different things to consider depending what you’re trying to achieve.

If the client is getting decommissioned, you have a couple of options:

  • Disable backup activity for the client or subclients
  • Release the license for the client

Both these actions will prevent any further jobs from being run, but will preserve backup job history.


If you wish to retain the client and leave everything enabled, but simply remove from schedules you can remove the client association from the schedules:

  • Edit schedule, Associations, uncheck the client
  • Right click client or subclient, View - Schedules, then edit corresponding schedule and remove associations as above



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There is a way to gracefully retire clients as well: