Hourly (RPO) based server plans with full backup schedule not working as expected

  • 1 February 2023
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FYI while moving some customers from legacy schedule/storage policies to server plans we noticed the plan was not creating the daily full (we have it set on the plan for databases). We performed an assessment and noticed this was the case in several customer environment. Now it appears they have a fix already which will be added in the upcoming maintenance release for FR28. I'm not sure if this issue also persist in older/newer version, but beaware this might be the case. Relevant fixes are available as well! 

2 replies

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@Onno van den Berg Thank you for bringing this to the communities attention.

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This condition is addressed in maintenance release 48 under hotfixes 3646, 3647 and 3648, so in case you use plans I would strongly recommend to update asap.

Fix description
Azure SQL Agent assigned to server plan may launch FULL backups only once a week when RPO is set in hours.
Full schedule on plan having RPO in hours may not kick off jobs as expected.