K8S full application restore error

  • 11 November 2021
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Hi everyone.


IHAC who runs K8S container and I encounter unexpected error in restoring the full application.

We performed POD/App backup successfully but error occurred when we try to do a restoration like below.


Unable to write data to the Virtual Disk [/opt/commvault/iDataAgent/jobResults/CV_JobResults/iDataAgent/VirtualServerAgent/Restore/768/openstack`StatefulSet`mariadb-server`ed6cb91e-d4fb-4840-a193-433bf77154db/VMConfig.cvf]. Please ensure that the proxy is able to communicate with the virtual machine host and that there is sufficient disk space available. Details: [Success]
Source: poc1-mgmt01, Process: vsrst

For Pod/App doesn’t have its PV/PVC restoration works well.

But for Pod/App has its PV/PVC restoration doesn’t work.


Any advice?


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Hello @Hongmo Kim ,


Looking at the log your provided we can see the restore is out of place:

31732 77f8  11/11 12:26:20 768 CheckVSAPermissions() - SECURITY: canRestore() returned true for subclientId (132). User (1), commCell (2), srcClientId (3), destClientId (0), appTypeId (106), instance (3), backupSet (9), outOfPlace = (true).

The restore process failed since the app already exists:

58323 e976 11/11 12:26:37 768 CK8sInfo::CreateApp() - App creation failed for [openstack`StatefulSet`mariadb-server-20211111] with error [0xECCC0016:{K8sCluster::ImportApp(480)/ErrNo.22.(Invalid argument)-App [openstack`StatefulSet`mariadb-server-20211111] already exists}]


Best Regards,


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Thanks for the comment.

As you mentioned same named pod existed due to repetitive restore work but it was not a radical problem on this.

Turned out K8S had some restricted configuration in restoring the App/Pod into the same namespace.

We performed the restore again to another namespace and it was successful.

Thanks a lot.