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  • 24 January 2023
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Hello everyone,

We are trying to configure backup for Linux PCS cluster, We have installed agent on nodes and configured cluster psuedo client for cluster IP. Cluster psudo client is configured but its not able to find the active physical node. even if we force sync its completing but still active physical node is not updated.

I dont have knowledge on how PCS cluster works but our linux admin says in os both nodes will be inactive but PCS cluster manages both nodes and handles the clustering


2 replies

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Hi @Vaishali ,
Good Day!

Log analysis would help better here to identify the issue, but could you try the below troubleshooting steps,

1.  Are you able to connect to the cluster hostname/virtual IP (pseudo client IP / hostname) from the Commserver (using  cvping / telent)  with 8400 and 8403 ports (these are default ports) ? 

2. Are the cluster hostname (pseudo client hostname)  resolving to the correct IP address from  the individual physical nodes.

3.  Have you configured the  cvclusternotify Script?

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Hi Mohammed,

                         Thanks for your reply. first 2 points are fine but i have not done the 3rd one which cvclusternotify configuration.

As mentioned in the doc we need to start the cvclusternotify to identify the cluster services. If the cluster is failed over we may need to shutdown from the node1 and start it on node 2 which is active now am i right?