synth full and moving to new storage policy

  • 21 September 2022
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Problem description:

VMWare subclient  (with NetApp datastores via NFS) is running using:
SnapShot (primary Snap) -> SnapVault -> Backup2Disk.

First a full and since then always inc + 1 x a week synthetic full was backed up. 

The primary target (default disklibrary) must be changed and this is not possible in the storage policy :( I can set up a new primary target but the default library (for metadata SnapShot etc) is always the original library. 

So I have to set up a new storage policy with a new default library. How does it behave now with:
a.) the Synthetic fulls? Do I have to start again with a real full or does CV just take the data assigned to the client from whatever library for the next synthetic full and if I delete the old storage policy I have still functionable backups?
b.) if I move the SubClient to the new Storage Policy it keeps the CBT/SnapShot/SnapVault information?

 Unfortunately I can't test it easily at the client because there is some "unrest" about CV.


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Good Afternoon Frank,


If you switch to the new storage policy I would recommend to perform a new full backup as this would lay down new block in the new library but would strongly recommend to keep the library if possible until the retention of the previous jobs for recovery.


Once you have  a new full then the incremental and Synthetic Full should follow as currently configured.


If you are not able to perform a new full, switching the storage policy and running and incremental/ synthetic full should still work considering the access to the original library. The library will be required to remain active until all the references are pruned off. 


Santiago Urosa

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Hello @F.Ihringer 

For the Synth Full, you will need to run a new Full for the proceeding incrementals and Synth Full to build off of. 

Regarding CBT, if this is CBT for Vmware it should stay the same as VMware manages this. For the Snapvault, the relationships are built into the Snapvault copy and will need to be re-associated once the new Vault copy is created.


Thank you,

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thanks for your answers!


the crazy thing is, that I could already change the target for the primary copy to the new storage (and after that a full was made directly) ... only the default library for the MetaData of SnapShot (primary snap) and SnapVault I can not change …

@collin: now I'm confused ... we also had other problems with SnapVault and there I was told by CV Support that the SnapVault relations are bound to the SubClient ... how can I reset the relation infos when moving to a new storage policy?