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  • 7 April 2021
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Hi guys

I got the following question about one my physical windows media agents because I'm always running out of disk space. and i see that my media agent has an assigned role “storage mediaAgent”.

When i scan my disk i saw that under the path C:\ProgramFiles\Commvault\ContentStore\IndexCache\CvIdxDB. i got a huge amounts of folders occupying about 115 GB of my disk. and under the path   C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\IndexCache\CvIdxLogs has about 91 GB, this two folder consume about half of my disk

1- I wanna know if this two folders can be pruned or compress?



2 replies

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Hey @Montilla04 !  Have you run any Index Cache Cleanup yet?

That should help, though I would advise moving the Index Cache to another drive where you can better manage the space.

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Hey @Montilla04,

As Mike said above, you can run Index Cleanup and move the Index Drive: Changing the Location of the Index Cache Directory (Indexing Version 1 and Indexing Version 2) (
Per the requirements, the minimum required disk size for Index (V2) is 400GB: System and Hardware Requirements (Indexing Version 2) (

Depending on your configuration, you could even move the V2 Indexes to another MA (with more Index disk space) using the workflow: Changing the Indexing MediaAgent (Indexing Version 2) (


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