BMC - Entuity Integration

  • 24 January 2023
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BMC - Entuity Integration

Has anyone had any experience of integrating CommVault with BMC - Entuity for network infrastructure monitoring, Looking at monitoring CommVault jobs within Entuity as a ‘one pane glass’ SIEM.

4 replies

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Hey @AndyC 

Not familiar with this monitoring platform, but there is no native integration. If you’re only looking at jobs and don't want to mess around with Rest API and its only job status you are interested in, you could use SQL queries against the CSDB to get basic info.

Not going to go into detail on the columns, you should be able to figure most out

For jobs (generally) in the job controller:

select * from JMBkpJobInfo

Or jobs that are no longer in the controller (failed/completed etc.)

select * from JMJobStats


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@AndyC I also do not have any experiences. What are trying to accomplish and what is the intended audience? 

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Hi, Thanks for the replies, I have raised an SR with CV get see if they support BMC Entuity.

We have two platforms running CV, the one I support, I’m happy with the dashboard/console approach to monitoring the status etc. However, I’ve been asked by one of the designers for the new platform to advise if CV can output to BMC Entuity app as part of their SIEM ! - I’ll be honest, I do not have any experience of BMC Entuity, so it was a speculative ask of the forum 


@AndyC did you get anywhere with this? I’m currently trying to figure out if we can use the Comcells SNMP function to fire alerts into Entuity but there doesnt seem to be a lot of documentation to assist.