DependsOn field for Backup Task RESTAPI

  • 16 November 2021
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With Indexing v1 VSA clients, we cannot run multiple backup jobs on the same VMGroup. Is there a way that we can submit multiple backup jobs at the same time and each starts as soon as the other finishes. Maybe through RESTAPI? I tried looking at the BackupTask template but there is no field where we can specify DependsOn kind of field. Once one of the backup job is submitted the subsequent submissions can have this field and get triggered as soon as first job finishes. Is there any other way we can achieve this? 




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4 replies

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@Abdul Wajid , have you considered using a Workflow?

You can set conditions so that jobs are only started when the prior operation completes.

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There is actually a feature in the product that does exactly this - and by that I mean controls the number of jobs allowed to run concurrently for a particular client. They are queued in the background always waiting for a free slot based on your defined limits. Since you mentioned VSA, this is usually very helpful with Hyper-V, especially 2012 and earlier which has issues with multiple backups on the same CSVs sometimes.


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You can also use the “Queue jobs if other conflicting jobs are active” option. but this applies to all clients.


Queuing Jobs (


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the same queueing option is available at job level also from commcell console advanced backup options, startup tab. you can do save as script from here and get the exact option.