Kick off a VM backup at various non-scheduled times

  • 6 September 2023
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We have a scenario where the following occurs, managed by a popular scheduling application on a server somewhere

1 - Scheduling app logs in to the application server (VM) active node and stops <application_service>

2 - Scheduling app kicks off maintenance tasks take place on the Active Node  with the application stopped

3 - Scheduling app runs PS Script to tell Commvault via our CV “API Server” home brew with Web Console and other components installed to take VM backup of the app Active node with services stopped

4 - once backup done, sends result back to PS script and if 0 (success) then the script restarts the application service on the active node

Problem - This is all unnecessarily complicated by the presence of the ‘homebrew CV API server’ which was built and has no docs.

I need a better, aka simpler, way. If the VM subclient cold run pre-post scripts, perfect, but it cannot.  Any suggestions please? With details. Thanks

2 replies

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Hi @Sprint955ST - which Hypervisor are you using?

You are correct that Commvault does not provide an option to run something inside the guest as part of the backup operation for VMs. This is because we run completely agentless.

If you are doing VMware backups, then you can make use of the freeze/thaw scripts in VMware tools to automate the shutdown of the application. We have examples here:


Basically the workflow is flipped from what you have today.

  1. Backup runs
  2. Snapshot request happens
  3. VMware tools intercepts and can take actions before the VSS snap inside the guest (i.e shutdown app)
  4. VSS snap happens
  5. VM snap happens
  6. VSS snap removed
  7. VMware tools runs thaw script to reverse actions (i.e start app)
  8. Backup happens in the background from VM snap


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Ah thanks. It’s VMware as mentioned.

The problem is, the maintenance that happens on the server, occurs at variable times because it relies on the business’ activities and is all scripts and local copies. So it can’t be scheduled by Commvault. It has to be kicked off by external forces.