Looking for a faster API way to get clients configured with a specific Agent

  • 15 March 2021
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Currently with the API at the moment if I want to find the registered clients with ‘SQL Server’, I need to iterate through the GET /Clients/ collection one by one for each clientproperties → client → idaList → idaEntity → appName.

Is there a more efficient way? The GET /Agents/ command suite is not suitable in this instance because it requires passing the clientId.


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2 replies

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I have pass a ‘fq’ variable as follows too, but the filter query doesn’t apply and generates no error.

GET {{ServerUrl}}/Client?fq=client.idaList.idEntity.appName%253Acontains%253ASQL%2520Server


GET {{ServerUrl}}/Client?fq=client.idaList%253Acontains%253ASQL%2520Server

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Bah, it was so easy in the end.

GET {{ServerUrl}}/Client?applicationId=81

Where 81, is Application Id for MSSQL.- taken from here :