Need an API or CLI commands to update the path of the index cache in media agent.

  • 15 March 2021
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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for an API call or CLI commands to update the path of the index cache in media agent. 

I am trying to write an Ansible playbook to update the index cache on commvault.  Any help is much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 

Arun KT


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6 replies

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Hi ArunKT,

we have a workflow for updating IC path -

if you wanted to call taht workflow via API you can do that as well -

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Hi @ArunKT 

Moving an Index Cache path shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, but reviewing the documentation on making this change:

Changing the Location of the Index Cache Directory

This change is performed by running the running the Change Index Cache Configuration workflow, which could itself be triggered by command line or REST API:

Command Line - Workflows

REST API - Workflow Operations



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Thank you everyone for taking time to answer my query. Much appreciated. The information helped me to progress with my automation work. By the way, I could also find this API which I am currently testing with:

http://<host fqdn >/webconsole/api/V2/MediaAgents/<media agent id>


Kind Regards, 

Arun Kumar KT

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Hi Arun you could also use change_index_cache(old_index_cache_pathnew_index_cache_path) on

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Hi Ashuthosh, 

Thanks for taking time to respond. 

Are you refering to an API  to change the path? 

Where do I find this option? “ change_index_cache(old_index_cache_pathnew_index_cache_path) on”

Thanks in advance, 

Arun KT


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Hi Arun check this out: