Trigger external script on failing Jobs

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I am looking for a solution which can trigger a script outside from Commvault when ever a backup job is failing. The script needs only give over the failing JOBID.

Plan is to automate a quick analyze of the failure and trigger the right team to fix the issue without manual invention.

thanks in advance for your suggestions.

regards Jürgen


Best answer by Blaine Williams 3 May 2021, 12:27

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Hi Juergen, 

You can use the alerts and notifications on failed jobs to trigger a command line to run scripts if you require.

Alerts : 

Command Line notification


However if you just want to notify the teams when there is a failure with details just use CV to do it. You can then configure separate team responsibilities between alerts and have it notify them. 

Creating an Alert :

There is also a predefined alert already created you can copy and modify.

Backup job failed

Job Management / Data Protection

This alert notifies the user when a backup job fails to complete, fails to start or is stopped by the system

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Hi Blaine,


thanks, that was exactly what I am looking for, sometimes you see the wood not because of the many trees (German proverb) :sweat_smile:

regards Jürgen

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Our version is “Not seeing the forest for the trees” :joy:

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You Welcome Juergen. 

Our version is “Not seeing the wood for the trees”