cannot create create secondary Silo Copy

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Hi All,

Commvault 11.32.35, when right click Policies>Storage Policies > policy_name, I cannot found “Create New Silo Copy


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Hi @Chinchilla ,

ensure that you have met the following requirements:

  • Windows File System Agent is installed on the CommServe® system.

  • For the global deduplication policy:

    • The silo storage operations are performed from the global deduplication policy.

    • Do not create a silo copy on the deduplication-enabled storage policy copy that is associated with the global deduplication policy.

  • No backup jobs are run to the deduplicated storage policy or global deduplication policy.

    For existing deduplicated storage policy or global deduplication policy with backup data, seal the deduplication database (DDB) and then create a silo copy. See Sealing the Deduplication Database for instructions.



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Also, You can create a silo copy by using the sp_copycreation.xml configuration file. For more information, see Creating a Silo Copy using XML





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I found the answer, check with Backing up Deduplicated Data to Tape Deprecated