Commvault Hyperscale X Reference Architecture licensing

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi! Just want to ask how the reference architecture for hyperscale X would be licensed. After acquiring a per node license, do we still need to purchase Backup and Recovery or Disaster Recovery licenses to enjoy backup and DR? Would appreciate any input on this. Thank you! 


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4 replies

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Hey @PaulGeorge,

Thanks for your question - I flagged this with a member of our licensing team 🚩

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Hi @PaulGeorge

HyperScale X Reference Architecture only includes licensing for the appliance nodes themselves. You would still separately require client licenses (Capacity, VM, etc.) for Backup and Recovery and/or Disaster Recovery.

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Thanks! Also, I want to ask what happens when the subscription for the Hyperscale X Reference Architecture ends? 

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Specific to Hyperscale X Reference Architecture, when a subscription ends the customer loses access to software updates as well as customer support. You will not lose access to the data stored in the Hyperscale X Reference Architecture Storage Pool nor the server nodes, but you will not be allowed to add additional nodes that are covered by support (i.e. no Storage Pools with partial support entitlements are allowed.)