End of support ADAL singning ..update to MASL

  • 5 July 2022
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some tenants get this notification in azure at team azure apps. Does commvault have to change something now that support is no longer available?


Best answer by Kalyani 6 July 2022, 02:50

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5 replies

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Our software does not directly interface and use ADAL , as of to date, we do not feel that we are going to be affected by this change,. we will keep monitoring this information to understand impact if any 

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@Kalyani  thanks for the response


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Has there been any update on this

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@Gavaskar @Kalyani 

Ive just had an update from Support - and ADAL is used

and This is in the recent versions of the product (eg 11.24 onward)  

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Arise, old thread!

Was just notified of this. User got warning they have apps using “ADAL” and they were all Commvault related. ADAL support end of life is june 30th.

Do they need new azure apps for their MS365 backups?

If so, can we trust that the Commvault MS365 helper application (downloaded from webui 11.32.54) will create azure apps with “MSAL”?