1-Touch for SUSE Linux on IBM Power ?

  • 24 January 2022
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Hi, it’s not clear in the documentation about if it this is supported or not ?

I have a customer who has OS = SLES 15 Plaform = ppc64le.

We are trying 1-Touch recovery of those servers.

I have used the DVD for the Store (1-Touch Linux Live Boot Disc, DVD4_R11B80_SP24.iso), it is bootable inside intel but not inside a PPC64le Platform !

We are also receiving this warning since we have enabled 1-Touch Recovery at the sub client level !
Error Code: [6:966] Description: System state backup failed : [Failed to populate ReaR conf file. Check sr.log/sr_post_backup.log for details.] Source: sappcal101, Process: sr   


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3 replies

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Let me look into this, @Marco Lachance !

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Hi @Marco Lachance,


SLES 15 PPC is not listed under supported versions 




SP26 →

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OK :disappointed:

Thank you for your quick reply.