1-Touch restore problem Linux

  • 22 February 2024
  • 3 replies

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Hello all,


While trying to start 1-Touch restore from FS backup of RedHat 8.8 we are having this issue after first stage of restore:


Does anyone know what might cause this problem?

3 replies

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Hi Grzegorz,


The Stage Two KExec init will get killed when the system is running low on memory. Assuming this is a Virtual Machine, try to allocate at least 8 GB of memory to the 1-Touch Client. You can decrease the RAM after the restore is complete.

I saw this happen in the wild often, in all the cases that was the issue. Let us know if that fixes it for you too, or if it might be something else.

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Thanks for Your tip! We will test it out, and I will post a result if someone in future will face this issue!

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Hi all!

Once again thanks you for all tips!

Problem solved!
If someone faces the same problem - increasing ram for VM while being restored helped!