11.23 Teams Restore

  • 27 May 2021
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I’ve just deployed Teams Backup in FR23.


After the first couple of backups, I’d like to clarify the followings:

  1. Backup: What types of objects are being backed up?
    - Files - looks ok
    - Channels - looks ok
    - Teams - looks ok
    - Posts - looks ok
    - Wiki - looks ok
    - Tasks by Planner?
    - Shifts?
  2. Restore:
    - During the deployment of the Teams App, I chose the custom deployment and used my own user account to get the token. Now at the restore, I am the owner of all posts - at least within a channel restored to a different channel within the same Team.
    - Files look fine, although Modified By is now “SharePoint App”
    - Wiki looks fine
    - Tasks by Planner objects are not restored

Thank you in advance,



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8 replies

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Hey @Zoltan !

The docs cover what is backed up here:

For restores, that’s expected behavior covered here:

"On the restored posts, the service account information will be displayed first, followed by sender name."

Let me know if there’s anything not covered by the documentation so we can answer AND update our docs :sunglasses:

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Thank you for sharing the docs, @Mike Struening !


Are you planning to roll out support for backing up “Tasks by Planner” from Teams?

If not, is there another App that can back up Tasks?


Also, would it be possible to use the original properties of a post during restore?


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@Zoltan , good question.  Let me discuss internally and have someone get back on future plans.

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  1. Complete Planner support in Teams is in the roadmap. That will be available in the future.
  2. in-place restore of Teams' posts will be the way it is today. This is a limitation of MSFT APIs at the moment. Instead of your own account as a Teams service account, you can use a separate Teams service account.
  3. For restore of Posts, we are working on restoring posts to an HTML file and then adding that as a link in the posts. With the HTML file, the from address will be from the original post sender.
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@Manas Mutha Is anything known yet, when the “Tasks by Planner” support will be available?


Hi , Any update about saving Tasks by Planner please ?

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Hi @Manas Mutha,


any new information about the support of MS Planner?

I have also one costumer which would appreciate the support to back up MS Planner Task.


Best Regards

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Planner added to Teams Channels is planned for second half of CY2024. It will be available on top of 11.36

As of now there is no plan to support Planner by itself as a separate agent.