AD-based Accounts Subject to Account Lockout Rules?

  • 6 February 2024
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It appears that AD-based Accounts are now subject to account lockout rules - is this an 11.32 feature, or has this been around for a while? 

Also, is there / is there going to be a method to unlock accounts via the CommCell Console, or am I going to be forced to use the Command Center?

4 replies

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Hi @Erase4ndReuseMedia ,

Account lock feature is available on the previous version as well and we can unlock the same by using forgot password option from the webconsole login page, else refer below document for perform the same from GUI

Account lock : - unlock user

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Hi @Pradeep 

Thank you for that, I am genuinely surprised that I hadn’t run into AD-based accounts being locked out previously.

With regards to unlocking accounts though, whilst I am aware that they can be unlocked via Command Center, I am more interested in understanding whether that basic functionality will make its way into the CommCell Console? 

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@Erase4ndReuseMedia  I'm going to say no, we are not making 'enhancements’ to the commcell console, only the command center.

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Thanks @Chris Hollis, that’s disappointing to hear.