AD restore of group policy makes new GUID

  • 16 February 2024
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Hello all.


I’ve noticed when restoring a GPO object, a new GUID is created.

Is there a way to restore with its existing GUID?

1 reply

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Thank you for reaching out.


A group policy object (GPO) is a virtual collection of policy settings.
A GPO has a unique name, such as a GUID. Group Policy settings are contained in a GPO. A GPO can represent policy settings in the file system and in the Active Directory.

GPO settings are evaluated by clients using the hierarchical nature of Active Directory. For granular restores of GPO objects, you can't do that as the GPOs are backed up in the system state.

System State is backed up with the Windows File System IDA.

So, you can do an out-of-place restore of the System State's DFS Replication component and then you can take what is needed from there.