Add Rule works opposite for application group VMs vs Filters

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I feel like I’m missing the Capt. Obvious clue in how the Rules are intended to be used in Command Center when setting up a VM group. In the old java UI, I would have content which is easy to define, and then my filters. Where does the ability to filter (exclude) come in with the Rule function? It seems to be not completely baked yet. Here’s the scenario: We have 100’s of VMs with a custom attribute defined with a value of “false” telling the old schedule/SP method of backups to filter those VMs out. I am trying ot convert to plans and doing this all via Command Center but regardless of what I build my rules as, this seems to more of an include (content) based rule system rather than a filter based exclude list. 

Sure, I get that I can toggle some things like power state on/off, or template true/false, but filtering seems to be much more obscure here than in Java land. Is this by design or what am I missing?



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Hi downhill - filters can be used in command center to exclude content

the link below is for Hyper-V but same with vcenter



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I must need new glasses. Capt Obvious was right there all along apparently.