Allow data aging on deactivated agent/client without deleting subclient/client?

  • 12 November 2021
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I’m on v11 SP16 and have inherited a system from someone who is no longer available.  I am not incredibly well versed in CommVault, so forgive any wrong explanations/terminology if I do not describe this well.



We have several Clients that have been “disabled for backup” at various levels (some at the client level, at the subclient level, or both), probably due to retiring of the underlying server (working on this info), but some clients are still backing up some things (like the filesystem or a database) and other items like a different database on the same server are disabled for backup.  The jobs for these “deactivated for backup” *should* have aged off due to how old they are.  Some have been written to tape, others have not (but still years old, way past retention).  I know I can “release the license” on the client and delete it in some cases, which will remove the jobs, but i don’t necessarily want to do that in call cases.

It appears some “old decommed” subclients have no schedules set for them (this comes up below), usually relating to databases.

I would like to do some cleanup of the old jobs to free up space on storage, but not necessarily remove the clients/subclients (just yet).


  1. Does setting the “Activity Control” flag at a client/subclient/database instance essentially stop data aging for any jobs related to the subclients?  It appears this is what happens by default. I know there are some settings I have seen at a Global CommVault level (Control panel → media Management) to change this behavior, but I’m on v11 and the settings I’ve seen do not exist.  I’m also basing this on the “Data Retention And Forecast Compliance Report” as all of these jobs have “(Backup Activity Disabled)” associated with them in the “Reason for Not Aging” (it is not a clickable link, nor is this is not a “reason” listed in the list of status codes at the bottom of the report)
  2. If I were to remove the schedules associated with these subclients, then enable the “Activity Control → Enable Backup” settings for the client/subclient (so that there are no more red arrows associated with it) will Data Aging occur for it ( but no backup will occur, since there is no schedule)?  It seems that the previous person might have been doing that, possibly to age off data? as I have found several subclients with no schedules that are retired but still in CommVault.



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Retention consists of cycles and days, cycles being the time between full backups.

If you’re not backing up the machines, you won’t hit cycles so the data remains.

Running the backups will include fulls which will meet cycles and data will age as expected.

You can run the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance report to show why jobs are being retained.