Applying New license file in commcell

  • 15 September 2021
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Applying New license file in commcell :

i have below doubts:

Can we apply New comvault license files directly in License page?

will it impact active backups?

do we need to restart comvault services?

i hope nothing will happen, just to make sure i am clear on these part.

3 replies

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Hello @Mansoor!


Yes, you should be able to apply the new license directly from the Commcell Console:


Adding a License in the CommCell Console:


In regards to your licensing, did the license expire and a new license was provided from our Licensing Team? If it is the same Licensing Model, backups should not be affected. There are different licensing models such as Capacity, Socket Licensing, Operating Instance, etc that are calculated differently. If the licensing model hasn’t changed and you just need to apply the newer license file, it should be fine.


Services should not need to be cycled. If you apply the license and run into any issues, you can always use a Grace Period to allow backups to continue:


Resetting License Usage in the CommCell Console:



The Grace Period will allow backups to continue and you can always log a support ticket if you run into any issues.


Hope this helps!


Chuck Graves



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Hi, I got new license from licensing team. Thank for your e information on services and grace period.


@Chuck Graves These converted licenses by commvault. DPA/DPF to commvault complete licence model. Do you want comment anything on this? 

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Hello Mansoor, 


The Commvault Complete licensing is based on the full capacity of the Agents being used in your environment. If this was discussed with your Account Team, the license should cover enough capacity for the current environment in a simpler model. Once the new license is applied, you can run a License Summary Report with “Capacity” and “Agent License Details” selected to see how everything is being calculated. 


Best Regards,


Chuck Graves