Automatic Control Host selection for a Dell EMC Unity

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I added a file server as described and the control host that currently hosts the file server. Due to a malfunction, however, the file server was moved to the other control host shortly afterwards. This caused problems with the backup. Is there an elegant solution how the active control host is recognized and set automatically or something similar?
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Hello @Pascal Zach,


There is no automation for detecting the Control Host, this is supplied manually by the user during client creation.


Since your Control Host has changed you will need to alter the Array Properties in the Array Management entry for this array to reflect the new IP of the new Control Host as per the document you cited.


If this has been done and you are still seeing issues, please open a support ticket and share the incident number here for tracking.

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Hello Josh,

after changing the entry of the control host, the backups work as expected again. Your answer is what I expected, but not what I was hoping to hear.