Aux Copy Streams Change "Data to be Copied"

  • 27 November 2023
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Some Background - I’ve worked off and on with Commvault over the past several years and we currently are migrating data from a cloud-vendor back to on prem.  The question I have is about a behavior I’ve never noticed before, but is probably from a lack of experience staring this closely at jobs as they run rather than something going wrong.  I just want to understand it.

The AUX copy that is currently running has 2 streams remaining.  Last Friday 11/22, those two streams showing the following information:

Data to be Copied - 4.06 TB
Data Copied - 263.63 GB

Data to be Copied - 926.14 GB
Data Copied - 221.9 GB

Then this morning I log in to check up on the job and those same streams now show this:

Data to be Copied - 3.43 TB
Data Copied - 575.65 GB

Data to be Copied - 842.33 GB
Data Copied - 298.26 GB

Over the past week as I’ve been monitoring these two streams I’ve noticed these numbers shift in a way that the “Data to be Copied” amount shrinks and the “Data Copied” grows, but the total amounts do not add up to the same amount. 


So my question is: Why are those values changing but not consistent in the total value of data?

2 replies

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Also - This is my very first post in the Commvault Forums so I apologize if I’m missing obvious info.

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Hello @KYusko 

The discrepency you are seeing is most likely due to deduplication. The amount of data copied will vary depending on how well the data is deduplicated. Just because there is for example, 1Tb of data to copy doesn’t mean 1Tb will be copied. After deduplication you might transfer only 100 or 200Gb over the network.


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