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  • 29 January 2021
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Does Commvault have the ability to backup image a physical device? One of our physical computers computers just had a false quarantine hit it due to our AV. Now our machine is corrupt and we have no image of the machine and need to reinstall and configure the software. Normally, I would just use something like Ghost or Accronis but I am thinking of how I can use Commvault to doe the same. 


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3 replies

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Hey @Dan Rubin!

Have you looked at the One touch Feature?

From the link:

You can use Commvault's 1-Touch Bare Metal Recovery to recover a failed computer or to create a clone of a server. With 1-Touch, you can easily recover a computer by automatically rebuilding the operating system and all the applications on a new server that has either similar or different hardware.

This way you won’t have to use Ghost or any other application, you can utilize your existing backups.

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And to add to what Mike said, if you have system state backups enabled you can already use 1touch - no special configto enable - you can also restore the full machine as a VM automatically using virtualizeME

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We’ve used the virtualize ME feature when we had a ransomware event on some older servers. It worked awesome, our sys admins were impressed.