Backup job summary report (again)

  • 31 May 2021
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Another question regarding the “Backup job summary” report.
Our problem is that the report is just too big. For a tenant, the backup report is about 70MB. (one month), which is just to big to send via email. (and for external customers, we just need to email...)
Same for the html version, but there the compression is saving a lot of bytes.

Now, my question: 

The (standard) report contains “Databases in SQL Server and Sybase Backup Jobs”, which is also part of the “Job Details”. So that’s duplicate data, and not really usefull if the customer has other databases too. (then it doesn’t make sens to only have the SQL server & Sybase jobs in a reperate sections)
Is there a way that we can exclude the “Databases in SQL Server and Sybase Backup Jobs” information from the backup job summary report for a tenant? This way we could save a lot of space in this report.

As it’s a standard report, I don’t think we can modify it?




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3 replies

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I will answer my own question again :)
I thought I couldn’t edit the standard report, but that was just because I was using tenant admin, and not commvault admin user.
When using commvault admin user, I can edit (actually: clone, which is safer) the report and modify it

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Thanks for the question… and answer @Bart 

You’re right, cloning a default report and editing the clone is much safer to preserve the original report.



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You’re awesome, @Bart , thanks!!