Backup replica vSphere Replication

  • 18 February 2021
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Is there a way to backup the REPLICA copy of vSphere Replication?



Best answer by Damian Andre 19 February 2021, 03:29

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Hi @rommel_alfon 

Unfortunately, I don't think so. It has been some time since I have looked at this, but vSphere replication does not attach the disks to the replica VM until the time of failover. So you essentially have a VM with no data attached, and nothing to protect. You may want to consider Commvault to replicate the VM instead, and you have three options to do that:

  1. Replicate from the backup data of the protected source VM
  2. Direct replication without first backing up the VM
  3. LiveSync I/O that performs very low RTO replication
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Is this replication being done via SRM?

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Thanks Damian… that’s what I thought. I was hoping for something different.

Yes… I’m testing the live sync functionality at the moment

Thanks again

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@Matthew M. Magbee 

There is the VMWARE product for replication using vSphere Replication

The options given by Damian is done via Commvault