Backupnet How to?

  • 16 November 2021
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Does anyone know where to find white papers or best practise about how to setup a backupnet.

Not just a adding a backupnet netcards IP in the client, but more indept information?

Br. Tommy


Best answer by Stuart Painter 16 November 2021, 14:05

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Hi @TBeckDK 

We have documentation to cover a backup network.

If you physically setup the interfaces on client servers and media agents, then you would need to configure this within the Commcell as data interface pairs where traffic between certain clients/MAs/groups can be directed over specific interfaces.

Dedicated Backup Network

Scenarios for Data Interface Pairs


As an example, shown in the figure below, data traffic can be conducted through the domain to reduce the network traffic on the production domains. This scenario requires the following data interface pairs:

  • and

    This data interface pair transmits data through the domain. The default network interface for the client is, and the default network interface for the MediaAgent1 is

  • and

    This data interface pair conducts auxiliary copy operations over the domain. The default network interface for MediaAgent2 is