Cannot delete system created schedule

  • 17 September 2022
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I have just upgraded an Commvault to 11.26.40, and I notice that there was two schedules for “System created index cache load balacing”


And when I am trying to delete the double schedule, I am getting this error:

How can I delete this schedule? I am logged in as the administrator.

Thanks in advance!​​​​​​​


Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 19 September 2022, 15:33

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3 replies

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It’s recommended to disable schedule rather than delete but if the schedules need to be deleted, there’s an option to use the following script:

qscript -f deleteSystemSchedule.sqle -i "<NAME OF SCHEDULE>"

If you need to remove it, you’ll want to open a support case to get a copy of the script (for understandable reasons, it’s not built in).

However, we recommend just leaving it disabled and ignoring it.

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Hi Mike


Many thanks for your answer. I am really happy for your help and support!

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My pleasure @Anders Trier Rasmussen !

I’ll be here for the next one 😎