Cannot install SQL server client

  • 9 January 2022
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Hello all

when trying to install Agent of sql server to new sql server machine

it’s failed with message:

“ sql server cannot be installed because it is installed on another instance of this client”

after 90 % process.

please advice



Best answer by Scott Reynolds 10 January 2022, 13:45

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5 replies

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Not a ton of details here. I would recommend right click on the install job and then “view logs”. 

Take a look if this client isnt already listed in your CommServe environment. Reason I ask that is because of the sentence “installed on another instance of this client”.


If you can actually locate the client, right click and run a “Check Readiness” , That will run communication tests between your CS and the client.

Let us know.


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Hello and thanks for your respose

i clicked “ check readiness”

client is ready!

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it’s a new server with name that we had before .. but the old one was deleted from comvault

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@Yigal Hello

That message is because there are two installs of Commvault on the machine and one of them already has the SQL agent installed.

If you login to the machine you will see two sets of Commvault services, listed twice in add/remove programs, etc

Do you know if multi-instancing was enabled for a reason? If not, you probably should remove one of the instances. So it sounds like the one name was deleted from commvault but the software was never removed. Uninstall that old install from the server itself from add/remove.

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You are right !

there were 2 sets


Thanks Scott