Cant Change Device Streams

  • 17 April 2023
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Hi All,


maybe you have an idear :) We have 2 customers with very old installations i think. Actually we had the problem that we cant increase the number of streams in the storage policy. The number of streams on all mount pathes is max. 


Do you have an idear ? 

1 reply

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Hi Schmit


I take it for granted that you cannot increase streams on the stpg because you have an upstream bottleneck on the library/mount path, and not because it is inhibited on the STGP.

If you need more device stream, you may need to add library path/storage.

Remember you can configure max stream on MediaAgent side as well as STGP side.

If you have more than a STGP you can reach max stream on MA if are use simultaneusly.


I hope that can help you.