Change the file permissions for ORASBT.log to 660

  • 8 May 2023
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how to apply/change the permission for ORASBT.log under Log_Files/ directory

current this file has got 777 permission, however as per this KB its mentioned that required File permission is 660

No i tried to change the file permission to 660 for ORASBT log and did a cvpkgchg

but cvpkgchg is not getting completed rather it just exists the installation UI right after user group permissions page,
and the file permission is reverting to 777/ 775 permission once a backup/restore is initiated on that client.


How do we change the permission back to 660.



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3 replies

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Hi @alligator 


Use cvpkgchg -p 660 as root


let us know if it still changes the permission after this?



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@Gowri Shankar 

regarding the permissions changes for ORASBT.log to 660

i tried cvpkgchg -p 660 as you suggested and it is giving me error that root user needs full permissions

usually root user would have all permissions right?:thinking:


thank you.

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i found an article for this issue

It says we need to add an additional key to avoid this permissions gettin reverted to 777 post changing the permissions to 660