Changing a Client name

  • 23 January 2023
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There used to be an option to change a Client computer Client name via the Commcell console.

Currentlly ( version 11.28.24) there is an option to change ony the Display name or hostanme of a client.

Is there any way to to have this option available again from the Commcell console ?




Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 23 January 2023, 13:59

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5 replies

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Good morning.  The Client name is an internal unique identifier for Commvault client entities.  The ability to remove it was made as Development does not want this changed as it would possibly interfere in our network identity communication in the future

The Display name has taken the place of what client name used to be.   It is the user facing entity.  It supports spaces, special characters.  

I would recommend opening a case with our Server focus group.  If it is necessary to change the client name, there may be a workaround that Development can provide.


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Please add the Additional Setting on the Commserve

Name: bAllowModifyClientName

Category: CommServDB.Console


Value: True

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@TNO   disregard my recommendation to open a case…  The additional setting that Sebastian provided will do the trick!  

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Please add the Additional Setting on the Commserve


Although this is published - as @Orazan mentioned, the ability was restricted for a reason, so if possible I’d use this as last resort

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Thanks a lot  @Sebastien Merluzzi  @Orazan @Damian Andre 

The addtional setting did the trick