• 24 October 2022
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Hello all,

I would like to discuss the different options for a CommCell separation:

our customer is divided into different business units. Their licenses are currently installed in shared environments (commcell, mediaagents, disk and tape libraries, all shared). NOTE: deduplication is not used and would be enabled after the migration.

Each business unit must now have an independent commcell.



So my first option would be asking Commvault to separate the licenses by business unit, perform a fresh install for each new commcell, and configure their respective clients. But old backup data (especially from tape) would remain at the original Commcell, which i must not depend on. Question:

  • How could I move old backup data from the original CommCell to the new ones. This is moving some backup data to a new comcell, some other backup data to another new commcell and so on.

Second option would be performing the Commcell MIgration process. From my understanding, this would move the clients i pick to a new CommCell. Questions:

  • Are professional services from Commvault required for this process?
  • How does “moving the existing backup data from the source CommCell to the destination CommCell” work for disk and tape libraries? Would I need to re-read and re-write tape data?

Not sure about this one but… Third option would be using CommServe DR to copy the CS database to another environment. Then splitting Commserves and make CS DR the new environment. This way, every business unit would get their respective historical backup data. Questions:

  • Would it work? Could Commvault enable a new CCID for the new environment? I understand their would be additional configurations since DR would have inherited the configuration from the origin, like changing the new environment host name.


Thanks for the help.




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Hi @Sergio V , thanks for the post!

Sounds like you want to do a CommCell Migration:

there’s a few scenarios where this applies, and you are facing one of them:

Split CommCell environments into more than one CommCell environment for business or organizational reasons.

Splitting CommCell environments


Consider this operation to move many clients between CommCell environments for business or organizational reasons like maintaining separate CommCell environment for each department, location or team. To move a small number of clients, consider re-installing to a new CommServe instead. We provide authorization code with discretion.


You won’t need Professional Services, though it certainly would help.

You’ll need new licenses (one to shrink the existing capacity and another to spawn the new CCID), and an auth code which is part of the CCM process (it’s to ensure the use case is valid and that everything is handled properly).

Let me know if you have any questions!