CommServe Cache Status for Media : INVALID ?

  • 9 March 2023
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Here is a snip:


I cant seem to download maintenance releases or even copy maintenance releases.  We are on v11.20.128 (I know behind on releases)

Please advise

I see the following under the “Download Software” log- 

IsRootFilesPatchingNeeded() - Updates folder [C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\SW\CVMedia\11.0.0\SP20_2779330_R798\Windows\BinaryPayload\LooseUpdates\CU142\Updates] does not exist, try patching Maintenance Release files only
7372  1c88  03/08 21:28:51 9278 CreateTempFolder() - Created folder at [C:\ProgramData\Commvault Systems\Galaxy\Temp\DownloadPatching]
7372  1c88  03/08 21:28:51 9278 PatchRootFiles() - Source root file [C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\SW\CVMedia\11.0.0\SP20_2779330_R798\Windows\BinaryPayload\LooseUpdates\CU142\BinaryPayload\] does not exit, root file patching will be skipped.
7372  1c88  03/08 21:28:51 9278 DoRootFilesPatching() - Root files patching failed on updates Side [SP20_2779330:WinX64] with error code [-2147483633], marking it as failed.






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Well I think I figured it out.   

I ended up downloading the software distribution kit from and then did a COPY software.   The next day I noticed that the 11.20 distribution package was in the Software Cache Configuration | cache details and the cache status for media was now VALID.  I next did a copy of the most recent Maintenance Release / hotfix which was 11.20.146.   And again I could see this is the cache details.   So I think Im good.  Not 100% sure what had happened.   I did accidently hit the delete cache contents so maybe thats was screwed me up.   I still a novice commvault  user




BTW - I was trying to remove this post but couldnt figure that out either :)