Commserve fail to communicate with MediaAgent after upgrade SP

  • 24 May 2022
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I have issue after upgrade Commserve and MediaAgent. On the customer environment has Commserve and 2 MediaAgent, I have upgrade Commserve to SP24 and 2 MediaAgent to SP24. The result Commserve is complete upgrade fine and 1 MedaiAgent is complete upgrade fine. The second MediaAgent is display that can’t communicate with commserve need to change commserve name.

I have check on Commcell the second MediaAgent go offline and check readiness, it shows about communicate. So I try to check network ping , telnet , and check on hostfile. CS can ping <ip> and <hostname> to second MediaAgent, MediaAgent can ping <ip> and <hostname> to CS. 


MA1 = OK

MA2 = need commserve to change name


Is anyone has meet about this issue? Please advise me.


Thank you.


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6 replies

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Hi @Nitinan,

Where are you seeing that it needs a name change for the CommServe? that seems very strange. The upgrade should not have altered anything in this sense.

The second MediaAgent is display that can’t communicate with commserve need to change commserve name.


If the MA is unreachable from the CommServe, there is not much you can do from the CommServe side. Perhaps the fastest way to fix this issue is to reinstall MA2 with the right cs name / hostname

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Hi Damian,

doing upgrade sp on mediaagent


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@Nitinan , did you uninstall all of the software on the problematic MA before attempting to reinstall?

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The backup infrastructure is unavailable points to a communication issue between the CS and the MA in question. Can you hit view log on and check the error there? Also check the cvd.log on the MA in question OR post screenshots here and I can try to guide you.


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In this situation the first thing I would do is apply a 1 way firewall rule. 

then push the firewall. 
if the firewall push fails copy the firewall summary information and paste it into a firewall file on the media agent. Even if it doesn’t work it will cause commvault to statt generating firewall logs that will give details on the communication failure.

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In addition to that….

the much simpler thing to do is remove commvault from the media agent entirely client side and then do a reinstall of the media agent.

since it cannot communicate with the commserve is should uninstall without deconfiguring anything and the reinstall  should establish communication.


the media agent configuration is held in the CS itself so you shouldn’t lose anything. You can ensure there is no communication by creating a host file that redirects cs lookups to loopback.


i kinda see media agents as worker bees, outside of physical connectivity and provisioning, they are not terribly hard to simply do over.


What this sounds like is that the media agent does not have updated CS information. 
There are registry entries on the MA that validate the identity of the CS.

fixing this would require going through the logs, checking the registry entries and fixing them, and that adds up to time.

this is just spitballing though it could be anything. But in the name of lost cycles I would try the reinstall.