Commvault AIX reinstallation issue

  • 5 August 2021
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Good evening folks


I have a customer who experienced an issue with one of their servers and it seems it broke the Commvault application.
The Commserve can no longer communicate with the client (DIPs are defined).

We tried to repair the installation with no success. 
We uninstalled and then reinstalled Commvault successfully interactively (Remote option doesn’t work at the moment).
The interactive installation takes a long time to register to the Commserve, but does eventually complete. 
The Commserve does not reflect the change however.

We noticed that there’s a locked ‘cvd’ process on the client and suspect that it may be the problem. The Unix admin suggests we reboot the client and try again.
Before we go this route, is it possible to kill this process manually? It’s the one that’s been flagged with 24Apr.

Thanks so much




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2 replies

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Good evening @Gowri Shankar 


Thanks so much.

I forgot to mention a kill-9 doesn't work.

Looks like we will need to reboot the server and try again.


Thanks for your fast response.



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Hi Mauro,


Please have the admin admin login as root, 


Stop commvault service by running ‘commvault stop’


Verify if the process still exists by running ‘ps -eaf | grep -i commvault’


If the CVD process still exists then kill the process by running ‘kill -9 <PID>’


If its a zombie process then a reboot may be needed.


Hope this helps.