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Hey everyone,
I have a question to the community regarding some automation for commvault client.

We have a process that builds a cloudformation stack, then we used Chef to deploy pertinent applications ( like the commvault client).  Before the stack can be deployed, it runs through a mock build using kitchen-test.  This works great with one exception.  It creates a client in the CommCell from the kitchen-test. 

Does any know of a command or script I can run against the CommCell that will remove the client that was created during the kitchen-test? Preferably in the chef recipe vs having to run it on the server. 

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email me at, I cant post the code it keeps failing

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Hi @David Good,

Nice to meet someone else who uses Chef combined with Commvault. Please also look at the following cookbook that is available in the supermarket as it might be something useful for you as well.