Copy hotfixes is skipped because the media is not available for it.

  • 10 May 2021
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I am trying to copy maintenance release to software cache but I have this error message.


Copy hotfixes is skipped for [C:\Users\commvault\Downloads\Commvault_Maintenance_11_22_22_linux-x8664.tar] because the media is not available for it.


I have copied the windows package without any issue.

Also do you know where I can find all commvault error codes ?


Thanks !



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7 replies

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Hi @Bloopa 


Please check the following,

  • You may run into issues when attempting to use the .tar


Kind Regards,

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@Sean Crifasi Thank you for your very quick answer

I have untar the file but now I have

Error Code: [68:481] Description: The source folder [C:\Users\commvault\Downloads\Commvault_Maintenance_11_22_22_linux-x8664] is empty or doesn't have any valid Commvault media. Source: pcpo99a00c, Process: DownloadSoftware  


It is strange because the folder seems to be good 


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Can you try to place the file on the C:\temp\ if a temp does not exist create one.

Would be like

C:\temp\Commvault_Maintenance_11_22_22_linux-x8664.tar and then try to copy that again.

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how did you solve this problem?


Did it resolve the issue?


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my problem was solved when i tried to download and copy the whole package.

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I split the new reply into its own thread here: