Copy jobs to another storage policy or merge storage policies

  • 6 July 2021
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I’m pretty new to the whole Commvault backup software, so please bear if I’m asking a stupid question.

We have a lot of storage policies which we aren’t using anymore for new backups. But these policies contain still a lot of backup jobs until their retention expires. So I wonder if it is possible to either copy these jobs to another policy so that we can delete the old ones, or if it’s possible to merge storage policies somehow?



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3 replies

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Hi M Rider 

Its not possible to move jobs between storage policies. You have to think of each Storage Policy as a book with jobs being written onto the pages.

You could look to create a secondary copy of the data and consolidate the jobs for each Storage Policy  onto a new copy with its own specific retention and remove the jobs from your primary copy.

Link is below on our documentation explaining how our secondary copies work



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Thanks for your reply. The retention settings on the backup jobs are just fine. 
So what I understand from what you are writing, is that we j have do wait ‘til the retentions are expired and then we can safely delete the storage policy itself.


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That’s correct!