Data aging when backup fails

  • 16 May 2024
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Just as example with a daily full backup to keep it simple…

In case you have a 4 days retention, but the backup keeps failing for a week, will all backup data still be there? Or will it all be expired?


Thanks :) Maurice

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The data will still be there until all retentions are met.

It would also depend on the cycle retention configured.

The following documentation provides comprehensive details about the Data Aging logic;

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Thank you Javier, for your fast answer, but the article is not writing about failed backups.

So in case the backup can not run (for instance because of hardware failure or DR situation) will the aging continue to expire the backup data.

So in case of 4 days retention and 1 cycle, and the backup fails for a week, will everything in this case be expired ?

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As already mentioned, job will be aged once all the retention rules are met. Not just days retention criteria. However, assuming the other criteria is satisfied, then a backup job will be selected for retention based on its start time.

Refer this for more info

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Thanks for the answer, but it’s still not clear what will happen if the backup continues to fail… for a longer period then the retention.


“Previous” versions will probably expire as planned. But the last backup, will that also disappear?

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@DUO-CSR , It will always retain the latest cycle. So if you are running a full backup and it continues to fail for a longer period than the retention but eventually completes. Then data aging will still retain the last backup since it still needs to hold 1 cycle.