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  • 9 September 2021
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Hello guys,

The End customer got the following event.

Does anyone know what that could mean?




Best answer by Damian Andre 9 September 2021, 15:57

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3 replies

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Deadlocks mean 2 or more database transactions are waiting for another to give up the db lock…..and since they can’t wait forever, the database engine kills one of the processes.

Is it happening often?  It’s semi normal unless it keeps happening.

Edit: As per @Damian Andre ‘s note, if this is on the Commserve, then you should absolutely follow his advice!

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To add to what Mike said,

Deadlocks are never a good thing and are a symptom of an issue with the CommServe health. Their could be several reasons - the DB is bloated and you need to run dbmaintenance, or the CommServe is overtaxed or running out of resources etc.

Now, since you got this alert through the anomaly report, it indicates that this was unusual and may be a once-off. Maybe there was an usual event on the CS that run (virus scan started, many jobs started at once, windows updates started to install etc.). So I would not panic yet … :)

First thing I would do is check out the health reports on the CommCell, or using the one in cloud ( if you are sending telemetry health metrics). That will indicate bloated tables, fragmented indexes etc. Have the customer keep monitoring for this event and see if it reoccurs, or if they are getting any strange errors on jobs, especially auxiliary copies (database error etc.).

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Many thanks for your help, guys!


It happened only once. However, I will definatelly follow @Damian Andre ‘s advice - just in case.


I can always count on you, guys! :)