Deduplication - Setting Allow jobs to run to this copy while at least n partition(s) are available

  • 6 April 2023
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This option is available only for the storage policy configured with multiple partitioned DDB.

When this option selected and if you have a partially available DDB that is one of the partition is offline The backup or Auxiliary copy jobs can continue with remaining available partition of the DDB. If option checked, the CommVault warn that this option may increase space consumption on disk.


If I understand the concepts correctly each partition stores a unique collection of hashes and pointers. With this option checked, space consumption on disk can increase, because Commvault would need to deduplicate some of the blocks again.



If this is correct,

  1. is the data verification job the kind of task that could identify if there are duplicate data blocks stored on disk?
  2. If the answer is yes, then it would be strongly recommended to run a data verification job after this option is checked. Especially with the DDB database completely available. Right?

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  1. No verification does not identify and remove duplicate blocks. The jobs that wrote that data will age eventually and the signatures/blocks will delete along with it over time. If you have a longer retention, this process will take longer. But there is no way to reconcile duplicate blocks